Integrating MongoDB with Oracle Database: Creating the Integration Interface

An integration interface defines the mapping of the source datastores to the target datastores including the flow of data and the knowledge module used in the integration.

  1. Right-click on First Folder ➤ Interfaces within the integration project and select New Interface as shown in Figure 12-62.

  1. In the Interface Definition specify a Name and select Optimization Context as Global as shown in Figure 12-63.

  1. Select the Mapping tab. Select the MongoDB (wlslog) datastore from the MongoDB model and drag and drop the datastore in the region for source datastores as shown in Figure 12-64.

  1. The MongoDB datastore gets added to the source datastores. Similarly select the WLSLOG datastore for Oracle Database model OracleDB and drag and drop the datastore in the region for the target datastore as shown in Figure 12-65.

5. In the Automap dialog click on Yes to perform automatic mapping as shown in Figure 12-66.

The source and target datastores get defined for the mapping in the integration interface, and the datastore diagrams get added as shown in Figure 12-67.

6. Select the Quick-Edit tab and select Staging Area in the Execute On column for the target datastore WLSLOG as shown in Figure 12-68.

7. Select the Flow tab. The flow diagram describes the flow of data from the source datastore to the target datastore. The default flow diagram has the staging area in the target database. But, the staging area should be in the source database as shown in Figure 12-69.

8. Select the Overview tab and select Staging Area Different From Target. Even if the check box is already selected, deselect and select again. Select the staging area as Hive:MongoDB as shown in Figure 12-70.

The Flow diagram gets updated to indicate flow of data from a staging area in the source database to the target database as shown in Figure 12-71. The IKM Selector should be selected as IKM File-Hive to Oracle.

9. Click on Save to save the integration interface as shown in Figure 12-72.

An integration interface gets added as shown in Figure 12-73.

Source: Vohra Deepak (2015), Pro MongoDB™ Development, Apress; 1st ed. edition.

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