SportsStore – Orders and Administration with AngularJS: Preparing the Example Project

I am going to continue to build on the project that I started in Chapter 6 and extended in Chapter 7. You can download the source code from Chapter 7 from if you want to follow along with the examples but don’t want to have to build the project from scratch.

In Chapter 7, I started the checkout process by displaying a summary of the cart to the user. That summary included an a element that navigated to the /placeorder URL path, for which I added a URL route to the app.html file. In fact, I defined two routes, both of which I will need to complete the checkout process in this chapter:

$routeProvider.when(“/complete”, {

templateUrl: “/views/thankYou.html”


$routeProvider.when(“/placeorder”, {

templateUrl: “/views/placeOrder.html”


In this chapter I am going to create the views named in the URL routes and create the components required to complete the checkout process.

Source: Freeman Adam (2014), Pro AngularJS (Expert’s Voice in Web Development), Apress; 1st ed. edition.

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