Consider a Task Runner or Build Tool in CSS

Running these tools probably seems like a lot of extra work. To that end, consider adding a task runner or build system to your workflow. Popular tools include Grunt , Gulp , webpack and Broccoli.js . All four have robust documentation and sizable developer communities.

What’s great about these task runners and build systems is that they automate concatenation and optimization tasks. They’re not limited to CSS either. Most build tools also optimize JavaScript and images.

Because the configuration and build script files are typically JSON and JavaScript, you can easily reuse them across projects or share them with a team. Both CSSO and stylelint can be integrated with Grunt, Gulp, webpack, or Broccoli with the help of a plugin.

Above all, however, take a pragmatic approach to building your toolkit. Add tools that you think will enhance your workflow and improve the quality of your output.

Source: Brown Tiffany B (2021), CSS , SitePoint; 3rd edition.

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