Control Flow in JavaScript

When your program contains more than one statement, the statements are executed as if they are a story, from top to bottom. This example program has two statements. The first one asks the user for a number, and the sec­ond, which is executed after the first, shows the square of that number.

let theNumber = Number(prompt(“Pick a number”));

console.log(“Your number is the square root of ” + theNumber * theNumber);

The function Number converts a value to a number. We need that con­version because the result of prompt is a string value, and we want a number. There are similar functions called String and Boolean that convert values to those types.

Here is the rather trivial schematic representation of straight-line con­trol flow:

Source: Haverbeke Marijn (2018), Eloquent JavaScript: A Modern Introduction to Programming,

No Starch Press; 3rd edition.

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