Knowing What to Expect at Events on GitHub

Given that this book is about GitHub, we’d be remiss not to include some informa­tion about GitHub’s own events. GitHub hosts and sponsors several conferences throughout the year.

To see which of these events are upcoming, you can visit This page lists GitHub’s own upcoming events, as well as events that it sponsors.

1. GitHub Universe

GitHub Universe ( is the flagship conference for GitHub. It is held yearly in the city where GitHub’s main headquarters resides, San Francisco, California. The conference is usually held in the fall around October or November.

As GitHub describes it,

GitHub Universe is a conference for the builders, planners, and leaders defining the future of software.

This conference is where GitHub typically makes its biggest announcements of the year during the keynotes. It attracts well-known speakers from prominent software companies.

In 2018, the conference had around 1,800 attendees who attended three tracks of talks. The cost of the conference is reasonable, around $99 per person, or $199 if you also attend the workshops.

2. GitHub Satellite

The GitHub Satellite conferences ( are an off­shoot of GitHub Universe. They bring a GitHub universe-style conference to loca­tions around the world.

Held once a year, past Satellites have been held in places such as Berlin, Tokyo, and London.

3. GitHub Constellation

GitHub Constellation ( is a series of small community events held multiple times a year around the world. These events focus on the local community and often feature speakers local to the area. They are typically free and occur over one or two evenings. They’re not all-day confer­ences like Satellite and Universe.

4. Git Merge

Git Merge (, is a conference sponsored by GitHub, but focused on the Git version control tool and the people who use it every day. As GitHub puts it,

Through technical sessions and hands-on workshops, developers and teams of all experience levels will find new ways to use, build on, and scale Git.

The conference features a preconference hands-on day of workshops focused on a range of Git topics. This conference is a great one to learn more about Git and to improve your Git skills.

Source: Guthals Sarah, Haack Phil (2019), GitHub for Dummies, Wiley.

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