Modules in Joomla: Banners – Articles – Newsflash

This module displays one or more articles from the selected category each time the page is refreshed. This is a module of Site type, so from the Module Manager page, click the Site link to display Site type modules and then click the New button to create a new module. You will be prompted to select the module type. From the list of displayed module types (refer to Figure 8-3), choose the Articles – Newsflash module type. Assign the title as NewsFlash to the new module (see Figure 8-28).

In the Category drop-down list, you can select a category whose articles you want to display. Select Electronics because you want to see the articles of the Electronics category and of the Camera and Cell Phone subcategory.

Set the Show Images option to Yes because you also want to display the images of the article.

The Show Article title field allows you to set whether the title of the article will be displayed. In this case, set it to No because you don’t want the title to be displayed.

The Linked Titles drop-down list is for deciding whether you want the title of the article to act as a hyperlink to the article—that is, whether the contents of the article will be displayed upon clicking its title. Set this field to Use Global to get its value from the Global Configuration file.

Set the Show Last Separator option to Yes to display a separator after the last article.

The Read More… Link option is for deciding whether to show a Read more link (used in large articles to display the next portion of the article). In this case, set it to Hide.

The Number of Articles field is used to specify the number of the articles to be displayed. The default is 5.

You can leave this field blank to keep the default value.

From the Position drop-down list, choose the position-7 option to display the newsflash on the right-top side of the screen.

The output of Articles-Newsflash should appear as shown in Figure 8-29. You can see that the content of an article from the Electronics category. On refreshing the site, you’ll get some other article displayed from the same category.

If you find that too many modules are enabled, and the screen appears cluttered, you can disable certain modules to make the front end appear neat and tidy.

Source: Harwani B M (2015), Foundations of Joomla!, Apress; 2nd ed edition

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