Modules in Joomla: Banners – Wrapper

This module is used to insert an external web site into an iframe at the module position. An iframe (inline frame) is used to insert frames (windows) into your web page, in which you can view another page inside your site. In other words, the Wrapper module enables you to visit an external web site while remaining inside your web site (both web sites can be simultaneously accessed). If the external web page is bigger than the module, scrollbars will appear.

To create the Wrapper module, open the Module Manager, click the Site link to display Site type modules and then click the New button to create a new module. You will be prompted to select the module type. From the list of displayed module types (refer to Figure 8-3), choose the Wrapper module type. You see a screen (shown in Figure 8-39) to enter information for the new module. Assign the title as External Site to the new module.

In the URL field, you specify the URL of the web site that you want to open in your web page. Specify the URL as The Auto Add option determines whether http: or https: is to be added to the beginning of the URL if it is missing. Set this field to Yes.

The Scroll Bars option is used to decide whether to provide scrollbars for the iframe. If the setting is Auto, scrollbars will be provided automatically if required.

In the Width field, you enter the width of the iframe in pixels or as a percentage. Leave it at its default value: 100%. The Height field is used for specifying the height of the iframe in pixels. Set it to 400 pixels to have a better view of the external web site. Set the Auto Height option to Yes because you want the height to automatically be set to the size of the external page.

In the Target Name field, you specify the name of the iframe (it is optional). The name that you specify here can be used to display dynamic contents (contents of different web sites) in the same iframe. In this case, let’s leave it blank.

After setting the values as just discussed, click the Save & Close button to save the module. The output of the Wrapper module will appear as shown in Figure 8-40.

The conclusion of this chapter is that Joomla provides many different types of modules, enabling you to create a fully functional web site. As an administrator, you can enable or disable a module from the Module Manager, and you can make it display the desired information by setting its parameters.

Source: Harwani B M (2015), Foundations of Joomla!, Apress; 2nd ed edition

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