Store Decoration in OpenCart: Creating categories

We have set the configuration options for our store. Now, we will upload some products. But before that we will also create some categories for our products.

1. Getting started

We will log in as admin with our admin username and password. Then, we will click the Catalog | Categories tab on the top navigation.

This will open up the following window with the default category list:

We have the Edit option available besides every category name.

We can edit every existing category with this option. It will open up the edit window.

2. How to do it

Now, we will create some new categories for our store. For that we see an Insert button on the top right corner of the category list, like the following:

This will show the following category window for new category listing:

This has two sections: general and data. We will populate them. But first, let us discuss the fields in them:

  • Category Name: We will set our category name in this section. For example, we will set it as cars.
  • Meta Tag Description: We will set some Meta tag description for our category. This will be helpful for our SEO. We will focus on appropriate keywords for writing this field. Also, try to write as many keywords as possible in this field.
  • Description: This will be the description of our category. For now, we will set some dummy text from ‘lorem ipsum’.

We have finished the General section. Now, we will fill up the Data section. We will click the Data tab:

Following is the discussion of each field:

  • Parent Category: As our category has no parent category, we will set it to None. For creating any subcategory, we can select a parent category from the available category list:

  • Stores: We will leave it as it is.
  • SEO Keyword: We will set appropriate SEO keywords for our category. For example, we will set it to Car.
  • Image: We will upload our category image here.
  • Category Status: We set our store status as Enabled. So, it will be available for display in the store front.
  • Sort Order: We set it as 1. So, our category will be placed at the top of the category list. We can reorder our list at any time.

Now, we will save our new category by clicking the Save button. We will go to the store front to view our changes. Click the Store Front button on the top. We will see our newly created category at the top of the category list:

3. See also

We have created only one category. You can create lots more categories and sub-categories in the same way.

Source: Hasan Tahsin (2011), OpenCart 1.4 Template Design Cookbook, Packt Publishing.

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