Database Security Violations

Three types of security violations are :

  • Unauthorized modification of data in database.
  • Unauthorized deletion of data in database.
  • Unauthorized reading of data in database.

To protect the database from these unauthorized access or security violations, the security measures at  following  levels  must  be  taken  :

  • Database system : Different access rights to different users can be given so that they can use data which they really Now, the database is responsible to maintain these restrictions and security.
  • Operating system : Operating System must be secured to unauthorized Only a secured database system cannot maintain security.
  • Network : Systems or Computers are connected through LAN’s, internet and data can be shared through these networks. So, security within the network software is important.
  • Human factors : Authorization must be given carefully to reduce human  errors.
  • Physical security : Servers and computer systems must be secured physically from looting, fire, failure of systems  like disasters.

Security measures at these different levels must be taken to make database secure.

Source: Gupta Satinder Bal, Mittal Aditya (2017), Introduction to Basic Database Management System, 2nd Edition-University Science Press (2017)

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