Displaying the Finished Product in Joomla

After entering the module information as discussed previously, save the banner module by clicking the Save & Close icon in the toolbar. You can now see the banner of your client on your Joomla web site. Open the browser window that displays your web site and click the Refresh button. Initially, the banner will not appear because you have set the banner to display when its meta keywords match with the content being viewed.

To display the banner, invoke the “Latest Cameras” article by selecting the menu item New Electronics Products Arrival. You’ll find that the Chirag camera banner appears at the right top of the web site (see Figure 4-39).

1. Installing a Banner Component

You can even install freely available banner components from the Internet using the Extension Manager. One such banner component is FlexBanner, which you can download from http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/extension/ads-a-affiliates/banner-management/flexbanner. The downloaded archive file is com_flexbanners_4.0.21.zip. Open the Extension Manager by selecting Extensions ➤ Extension Manager. In the Install tab of the Extension Manager that opens by default, you will find the Extension package file field. To the right of the Extension package file, click the Browse button to locate the downloaded archive file and click the Upload & Install button to install it. After the successful installation of the banner component, you see this message: Installing Component Was Successful(see Figure 4-40).

Open the FlexBanner component by selecting the Components ➤ FlexBanners option. You see the FlexBanner Banner Manager page shown in Figure 4-41.

The procedure of creating and displaying banner is the same as discussed previously. The steps are repeated for your reference:

  1. Create a banner category.
  2. Create a client for whom the banner is to be made.
  3. Define the link to which you want the visitor to navigate when the banner is clicked.
  4. Optionally define the location of publishing the banner.
  5. Assuming that you created a banner category called Camera Banner, a banner client called Chirag Camera Store, a location called Right Side (to represent the right side of the site), and a link called bmharwani that points at bmharwani.com, you can create the banner for the defined category and client that navigates to the specified link (see Figure 4-42).

  1. From the Module Manager, enable the FlexBanners module and specify its display position on the web site. You should display the banner at position-7 of the site (i.e., at the right top of the site), as shown in Figure 4-43.

  1. View the banner from the front side of the site, as shown in Figure 4-44.

Source: Harwani B M (2015), Foundations of Joomla!, Apress; 2nd ed edition

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