What Is a Contact?

The main agenda in this chapter is to create a contact form on your web site, which a visitor can fill in and click a button to send to you. On a standard web site, the main contact will be one of the following:

  • The concerned person of the organization (in smaller organizations).
  • The department of an The department contact is usually linked with an authorized person who is forwarded queries for necessary actions. In large organizations, each department has its own contacts, and each is linked to an authorized person.

Remember that if the contact is a department of an organization, it has to be linked to a user who is responsible for receiving the e-mail sent to it. Consequently, I’ll first show you how users are created for a web site.

If you specify a person as a contact, you don’t need to link the contact to any user because all the e-mail will be sent to that person directly.

Source: Harwani B M (2015), Foundations of Joomla!, Apress; 2nd ed edition

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