Installing the Apache XML-RPC Java Library

The web site for Apache XML-RPC Library for Java is Additional resources (such as documentation) are also available in this site. The examples in this chapter use org.apache.xmlrpc package (and other sub packages), which is also available here.

To use Apache XML-RPC Java library, download the necessary .jar files from http:// This is an open source software, which is another reason for choosing it. We downloaded the zip file and unzipped it in E: drive. It creates the following directory structure:

The docs directory contains documentation and the iib directory contains XML-RPC Java library as 5 (five) JAR (Java ARchive) files as follows:






These .jar files are necessary to develop XMP-RPC client-server application. The Java package org.apache.xmirpc contains useful classes for XML-RPC Java clients and server (e.g. xmiRpcCiient, xmiRpcServer, Webserver, xmiRpcServiet etc.) Include all .jar files in CLASSPATH environment variable. Alternatively, they can be specified during compilation and execution of the application.

Source: Uttam Kumar Roy (2015), Advanced Java programming, Oxford University Press.

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