Managing Menu Items in Joomla

To access the contacts from your web site, create two menu items in the Main Menu of your web site. Open the Administrator interface and select Menus ➤ Menu Manager from the menu bar. You’ll see a list of all the existing menus, as shown in Figure 5-27.

1. Selecting a Menu Item Type

Click the New icon to create a new menu item. You’ll see a screen for selecting the menu item type. Recall that you used the Articles node in Chapter 3 for creating menu items to point to the articles. Here, you’ll use the Contacts node. The Contacts node will expand (see Figure 5-28) to show you the following menu item types:

  • Featured Contacts: Displays the featured contacts
  • List All Contact Categories: Shows a list of contact categories
  • List Contacts in a Category: Shows the contacts in a specified category
  • Single Contact: Opens the contact information of the associated contact

Because you want to open a single contact (when selecting the menu item), select the Single Contact menu item type.

The Single Contact menu item type will activate the contact form directly when the menu item is selected. The List Contacts in a Category menu item type will instead first display the category of the contact; all the contacts in that category will be displayed, and the contact can be selected to send a query.

Source: Harwani B M (2015), Foundations of Joomla!, Apress; 2nd ed edition

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