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This menu item type is used for displaying articles of a particular category in blog layout. Blog layout consists of three main areas: the leading area, the intro area, and the links area, as illustrated in Figure 7-32.

Articles displayed in the leading area use full display width and are shown in one column. Articles displayed in the intro area may appear in one, two, or three columns, depending on the value entered in the #Columns field of the Blog layout tab. The links area is used for displaying links to articles that couldn’t be displayed on the first page.

Just open the New Electronics Among Cameras And Cell Phones menu item in edit mode; from the Select Article combo box, select the Category Blog menu item type option, as shown in Figure 7-33. From the Choose A Category combo box, select Camera to display the articles in the Camera subcategory of the Electronics category.

To determine the number of articles to be displayed in the leading, intro, and links area, select the Blog Layout tab. You see the fields to determine the count of articles in different areas of the blog, as shown in Figure 7-34. The #Leading Articles field is for specifying the number of articles that you want to take up the full width of the main display area. Set it to 1 because you want one article to take up the full width. If you want all articles to appear in two or more columns, enter 0. In the #Intro Articles field, specify the number of articles to be displayed after the leading article(s). Set its value to 4 because you want four articles to appear after the leading article.

In the #Columns field, specify how many columns the number of articles specified in the #Intro field are to be displayed in. That is, if you enter 2 here, four articles will be displayed in two columns. In the #Links field, specify the number of links to be displayed in the links area of the page. This field is usually used when there are more articles than can fit on the first page of the blog layout. Set it to 4 so that if any of the four articles don’t fit, they can appear as links.

After specifying the information, open your Joomla web site and refresh it. You should find that the articles in the Camera category are displayed in the Category Blog, as shown in Figure 7-35. In the figure, there are no entries in the links area because all three articles in the Camera category are visible in this layout (i.e., there are none that could not be displayed).

Source: Harwani B M (2015), Foundations of Joomla!, Apress; 2nd ed edition

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