Doing the Groundwork for Other Menu Item Types in Joomla

To understand how the other menu item types (Article, Category, and so on) work, it will help to do some preparation. Recall that you created a category named Electronics with a category called Camera in Chapter 3. You also created an article in that category called “Latest Cameras.” For this exercise, you need to create one more subcategory in the Electronics category: Cell Phone. Also, you’ll create the following three articles in the Camera subcategory:

  • “Latest Cameras” (already created in Chapter 3)
  • “Web Cams — Video Chatting”
  • “Cameras for Safari”

Each article will contain some short text and an image (an example is shown in Figure 7-18).

Note     The dotted line in the article shown in Figure 7-18 designates the page break.

You can write any text and insert any image; just don’t forget to load the images into the Media Manager first. There are two ways to insert images into the article: one way is using the Image icon in the tools provided at the top, and the other is using the Image button at the bottom left. The Image icon in the toolbar, when selected, displays the screen shown in Figure 7-19.

In the Image URL field, you can specify the URL of an image on the Internet or the URL of an image already uploaded to the Media Manager of your web site. Let’s say you want to insert an image called camera3.jpg that already exists in the Media Manager. Specify its URL as c:\xampp\ htdocs\joomlasite\ images/stories/camera3.jpg and then click the Insert button.

If you click the Image button found at the bottom of the Add New Article page, you’ll see the screen shown in Figure 7-20. This dialog box helps to upload new images to the Media Manager and insert the selected image into the article.

Select the camera3.jpg image and click the Insert link to insert the image into your article. You can also click the Browse button to select an image on your local disk drive and click Start Upload to upload the image to the Media Manager. Additionally, you can insert a page break by clicking the Insert Page Break icon at the bottom (refer to Figure 7-18). If you do this, you’ll see a dialog box like the one shown in Figure 7-21. You can specify the page title for the second page and also the alias to be used for SEF URLs.

After entering this information, click the Insert Page Break button to insert a page break into your article. Assuming that you’ve created the three articles mentioned previously, if you open the Article Manager (Content ➤ Article Manager), you will see the list of the three articles in the Camera category (see Figure 7-22).

 Assuming that you have created one more subcategory called Cell Phone in the Electronics category, create three articles with the following titles in the Cell Phone category:

  • “CDMA Cell Phones”
  • “Java Supported Cell Phone”
  • “Autotracking Cell Phones”

For example, the article “CDMA Cell Phones” might contain the information shown in Figure 7-23.

If you open the Article Manager (Content Article Manager), you’ll find that there are three articles in the Cell Phone category, as shown in Figure 7-24.

Now you have two article categories, Camera and Cell Phone, in the Electronics category, and each category has three articles in it. Let’s go ahead and test the next menu item type: Single Article.

Source: Harwani B M (2015), Foundations of Joomla!, Apress; 2nd ed edition

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